Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Adrian and Alysha's wedding

A happy happy day!

Gorgeous outfits. Apparently inspired by the very scary clockwork frenchmen Madame Pompadour Dr Who episode. Very very scary episode. Still, they looked great!

There was much excitment amongst the under-10s about the throwing of rose petals. This young man on the left wasn't sure if he was allowed to throw them on the couple so tossed them over himself instead.

We had a great time! Apart from being so genuinely excited and happy for Adrian and Lysh, we also got to catch up with one of Bear's old friends and his very cool wife and kids, including an extremely nice 6 yr old who was great to sit next to and chat about toys and food and all sorts of things. I am so glad I didn't have to make polite small talk with people I didn't know, because I am very unskilled at that. Also, I had had several drinks.

We recovered over Sunday and I almost slept through all of Monday too. Back to work now, but certainly, desperately, a holiday must be in the offing? Soon?

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